The Origin of Jack's 99c Stores and Jack's World

A popular question asked in the store on a regular basis is; "Is there really a Jack"? The answer is Yes and this is his story.

Jack has always been a retailer at heart. Growing up in Brooklyn, Jack was the kid who had the lemonade stand, the teenager who worked the Aqueduct Flea Market and the young man who sold bed spreads and comforters to Department Stores. Jack wanted his own retail store and was offered a very unique opportunity to take over a short term lease of a store in Brooklyn. Jack made it fly. Jack created excitement for his customers through the exceptional values sold in the store. When his lease was winding down a real estate developer from Manhattan met Jack and convinced him to open a store in Manhattan. History was made!!!!! Jack took a store which officially became the first "Jack's 99c Store" located at 16 E. 40th St. Once again, Jack's philosophy of entertaining his customers with extraordinary values took the neighborhood by storm and became an immediate success.

In 1994, Jack opened the second Jack's 99c Store located at 110 W. 32nd St. in Manhattan. Down the block from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden this store caters to thousands of customers a day.

Jack wanted to create the same kind of excitement for his customers with merchandise values over 99c. In 1997 Jack opened Jack's World, an over 99c closeout retail store located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of 110 W. 32nd St (above the 99c Store). Once again the customer reaction was great and this concept was widely expanded to incorporate dozens of additional merchandise categories.

In 2003 Jack's World on 45th St was opened, bringing to the Diamond District a new, fresh and exciting version of the Jack's World retail operation.

Jack's 99c Store and Jack's World has created a family of over 250 staff members over the years. Each person shares the responsibility to help bring the best deals in NYC to our customers on a daily basis. Many of our employees are with our Company for over 10 years.

Jack's staff pledges to do their best every day to keep our stores clean, properly staffed and merchandised with great values for our customers. Jack's is very grateful and appreciative of their customers. We look forward to entertaining you, our customers with exciting merchandise for many years to come.

Jack's has been featured in the NY Times, Crain's NY, The Daily News, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Fox Early Show, Fox News with Neal Cavuto, the Jimmy Fallon Show and many more. The 32nd St. store has been used as a backdrop to an MTV music video and an independent film due out next year. For details please see our media page.

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